Windscreen Replacement Service

Windscreen Replacement Solution

Minor damage on your windscreens such as chips or cracks can be easily repaired, but much more serious problems will need a solution by replacing your car windscreen. Drop your vehicle to our workshop and our certified technicians will inspect on the glass damage to determine whether it needs to be replaced or can be simply repaired. Even if you have a serious damage and required a windscreen replacement service, most of the time it can be done within a day. Just make an appointment in advance to avoid the queue. Don’t let your broken windscreen unattended, send your car to our workshop today or call/WhatsApp us today for a free consultation.

Windscreen Replacement Service

Windscreen Insurance Claims? We Got You Covered

Want to get your windscreen insurance claims while you replacing a fresh new windscreen for your car? We’re the authorized panels for major insurances in Malaysia. Call us for more details.

Getting Your Replacement Solutions Today

Not sure when you need a new windscreen? Check if the damage is greater than 6″, whether it’s extended to the edge of the glass? Or the damage is in the line of your vision while driving. These are the sign that your damaged glass needs to a new replacement. Get in touch with us for more details.